‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 14 Recap: Week 5 HOH Nominations Revealed

Big Brother 2012 episode 14 aired on Sunday, August 12. In the fourteenth episode of Big Brother 14, the Week 5 Head of Household (Frank) revealed who he was nominating for eviction. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 13, Frank took over the power of the house right after Janelle got evicted by a vote of 8-1. It was quite the shift from being nominated to taking control of the entire house.

CBS finally got around to showing viewers what had taken place right after the eviction, including Frank and Mike (Boogie) getting extremely excited about Janelle heading home. The drama of figuring out who was going to get nominated came soon after that, but first Britney had to talk about her regrets when it came to turning on Janelle. She might have rolled with the wrong alliance, especially if the “Silent Six” doesn’t hold together very long.

Mike and Frank talked seriously about putting a pawn up on the block in order to keep the “Silent Six” a secret from the rest of the house. The conversation even involved hope that Shane would volunteer to go up on the block next to the real target: Joe. They also joked with Dan about making him the pawn, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

The first “Have and Have Not” competition took place during the episode, with the house split up into teams to compete for the privilege of hot food and showers during the week. It involved them all wearing costumers that could soak up liquid and jumping into pools before wringing themselves out into jugs. It is a competition that has been done before, but this time it was to decide which half of the house was going to be without perks.

The winning team was Mike, Ian, Dan, Wil and Frank. That meant the losing team was Britney, Joe, Shane, Jenn and Danielle, who ended up becoming the “Have Nots.” That group is only allowed to eat slop, cod and candy canes for the week. Ashley is dealing with an injured back, so they allowed her to not participate in the competition.

Towards the end of the episode, Frank’s Week 5 nominations got revealed. He ended up nominating Joe and Wil for eviction, electing to go with two people that definitely were not part of his alliance of six. This was despite a lot of talk about putting up a pawn before it took place.

How do you think that Big Brother 2012 has progressed? Which houseguest do you think has the best chance to win Big Brother 14 now? If you want a heads up on who is getting targeted in the house, Gather has a BB14 spoilers article up as well.

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