‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 15 Recap: Week 5 Veto Results Revealed

Big Brother 2012 episode 15 aired on Wednesday, August 15. In the fifteenth episode of Big Brother 14, the Week 5 Power of Veto competition and Veto ceremony results were revealed in the house. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 14, Head of Household Frank revealed who he was nominating for eviction. After a lot of debate with the “Silent Six” alliance, he nominated Joe and Wil.

The fallout from the nominations served as the opening to the episode, with Joe and Wil reacting to the news both in diary room sessions and to who they felt were allies in the house. Frank immediately told Joe that he was not the target, putting Joe’s mind at ease, but it wasn’t a totally honest representation from Frank. Meanwhile, Mike (Boogie) sat down with Wil to convince him that he was safe as well.

When they got to the Veto competition, the players were Frank (HOH), Joe and Wil (the nominees) and the three random players (Jenn, Ashley and Mike). Shane also got to play using a Veto ticket he got in the last week’s Veto competition. After the players were all revealed, Zingbot entered the house to start making jokes about the new group of houseguests.

The challenge at the Week 5 Veto competition was to put together a series of pipes to get a ball to travel from one end to the other. The first houseguest to get all the pieces assembled correctly and then their ball to the other end would be the winner. Several players, like Ashley and Mike, had a lot of problems trying to figure it out. In the end, it was Frank that won the Veto, keeping the power in his hands for the week.

After Frank won, Dan started to get a bit worried about being backdoored, fearing that Frank and Mike already had the votes to get him out of the house. CBS used that to start building up the suspense for when the Veto ceremony was going to take place. Mike basically talked him down from that decision and at the Veto meeting, Frank decided to keep the nominations the same. Now it will be either Joe or Wil heading out the door on Thursday (August 16).

How do you think that Big Brother 2012 has progressed? Which houseguest do you think has the best chance to win Big Brother 14 now? If you are interested in some Big Brother 14 spoilers, as previously reported on Gather, a showmance has started to develop between two houseguests.

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