‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 20 Recap: New HOH Nominations Revealed

Big Brother 2012 episode 20 aired on Sunday, August 26. In the twentieth episode of Big Brother 14, the revelation of the next HOH was made as well as their nominations for eviction. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 19, the double eviction took place that ended with Ashley getting sent home.

The opening of this episode was a lot of recap, finally leading into the latest Head of Household competition. In another amazing break for Frank, he dominated in the challenge and won yet again. Getting HOH after being so close to going home was certainly an emotional swing for him, and he wanted to target Dan for eviction. But first, Pandora’s Box appeared for the first time of the season.

Frank decided to open Pandora’s Box, revealing a series of cubes. He was allowed to open three of the cubes and receive the money amount written on the inside. Frank had the chance to win as much as $10,000 in his boxes, but he ended up with $3341.49. While he was locked in the room, though, the other houseguests got to take part in a challenge of their own.

Downstairs, it was revealed that a second Veto could be won. It all revolved around the ball machine in the arcade room, and everyone was allowed to try their luck at drawing a Veto ball that had been placed in the machine. Many additional balls were thrown in the backyard, some of which had quarters inside that would work the machine. Dan was the first to find quarters, and he went to the machine (which was a claw machine) but failed to get the Veto ball. He told everyone he did, though, to get them to stop trying for it. It worked for a while, but when everyone found out, they were very frustrated.

Britney, Ian, and Dan all tried after that, but it was Ian that ended up getting it on his second try. It gives him the power to Veto any nomination at the Veto ceremony, something that could really help out his alliance or Ian if he ended up getting nominated. Frank, possibly fearing it, or simply wanting to target Dan, talked to Britney and Shane about forming an alliance and simply going after Dan without worrying about anything else. They agreed to it to him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

At the nomination ceremony, Frank ended up putting Dan and Danielle on the block, possibly meaning one of them will be going home during the eviction ceremony this week.

For those fans that are interested in reading about what has taken place in the Veto competition, Gather has a spoilers article up about it.

How do you like how the latest episode of the Big Brother 2012 season played out? Any predictions on which houseguest will now win Big Brother 14?

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