‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 23 Recap: New HOH, Pandora’s Box Revealed

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Big Brother 2012 episode 23 aired on Sunday, September 2. In the twenty-third episode of Big Brother 14, they finally revealed who won the last HOH competition and then moved into the nomination ceremony. As previously reported on Gather, in episode 22, the house voted out Britney, making her the second member of the jury. The Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge, though, and didn’t get finished until the episode had ended.

The opening to this episode served as a lot of recap, filling in people on what had transpired in the past week. That worked up to what took place in another long endurance challenge, giving fans the name of the Week 8 HOH. The challenge had all the houseguests hanging from a rope while they stood on a small piece of wood. They got twirled around a huge sun and the winner was simply going to be the last person standing.

In the HOH competition, Joe fell after just two minutes had elapsed. He received a punishment for it, which turned out to be 24 hours of “Hula-Hoop Boot Camp” that had to be endured all day Friday (August 31). Jenn only lasted about three minutes more, putting them both out of the HOH running before even five minutes had passed.

Danielle and Dan were the next two to fall, leaving just Ian and Shane competing for all the power. Both Ian and Shane were just having fun in the competition, making jokes about the physics of the competition and not even talking any game for quite a while. Eventually, though, Shane asked everyone else to go inside so he could talk to Ian. It was obvious that a deal was coming and Ian agreed to protect Shane and Danielle in order to win the HOH. Shane then dropped and Ian won it after about two hours up there.

Later in the episode they showed that Joe’s punishment involved using his hula-hoop every time music was played in the house. It wasn’t as bad as the chum baths that Frank had to go through, but Joe may have found it embarrassing. After that, the episode wound down to the nominations.

Ian concocted a plan to reunite the “Quack Pack” with himself, Dan, Danielle and Shane. His targets then became everyone else and for this week, he seemed to really be targeting Frank specifically. In the end, Ian nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. They have the chance to save themselves in the Week 8 Veto competition now. That Veto competition has already taken place and for those fans that want to learn the outcome, Gather has a spoilers article up already.

How do you like how the latest episode of the Big Brother 2012 season played out? Any predictions on which houseguest will now win Big Brother 14?

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