‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 24 Recap: Week 8 Veto Results Revealed

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Big Brother 2012 episode 24 aired on Wednesday, September 5. In the twenty-fourth episode of Big Brother 14, the results of the Power of Veto competition and Veto ceremony were revealed. As previously reported on Gather, the last episode of the show showed that Ian had won the latest Head of Household and nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. This episode was all about Frank and Jenn trying to save themselves.

At the beginning of the episode, Frank and Jenn were actually chatting about a way to save them both during the week. It led to Frank talking it over with Dan and coming away feeling pretty good about the perceived four-person alliance he had with Dan, Danielle and Jenn. The problem was, Dan never intended to honor the deal he made with Frank to get saved last week and Frank should have been trying harder to figure out a different way to save himself.

Frank continued to be deluded about what was taking place in the house when he approached Dan about possibly throwing the Veto in order to help get Jenn off the block. It set up almost like a perfect scenario for anyone in the “Quack Pack” at that point, because it was making their jobs that much easier.

The Week 8 Veto competition was a familiar one, with “OTEV” returning and asking questions of the houseguests. They would then race around the backyard (set up like a farm this time) to find an ear of corn with the answer on it. Each round the last person with the right answer got eliminated.

Danielle was out first, with Ian losing out in the second round. With Shane not playing, that left Joe, Jenn, Frank and Dan playing for the Veto. Joe and Jenn were the next to be eliminated, leaving the challenge to be decided between Dan and Frank. Dan ended up winning the final round and taking home the Veto.

At the Week 8 Veto ceremony, Dan repaid Jenn for saving him by saving her. It got her off the block and kept the veil over Frank that anything was wrong. In place of Jenn, Ian chose Joe as the replacement nominee. Now it is either Joe or Frank getting evicted on Thursday night (September 6).

How do you like how the latest episode of the Big Brother 2012 season played out? Any predictions on which houseguest will now win Big Brother 14?

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