‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 26 Recap: New HOH, Week 9 Nominations Revealed

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Big Brother 2012 episode 26 aired on Sunday, September 9. In the twenty-sixth episode of Big Brother 14, the new Head of Household as well as his Week 9 nominations got revealed. As previously reported on Gather, the last episode of the show saw a double eviction of Frank and Joe, knocking the number of houseguests left in the game to just five.

There was a lot of recap during the beginning of episode 26, including some new footage of what took place between the houseguests as the double eviction was playing out. That included showing how Dan was targeting Ian and would have evicted him if Ian had not won the Veto like he did. It all led up to the Head of Household competition that took place immediately following the episode. The winner of that HOH was Ian, who got his guarantee to make the final four.

At the HOH competition, the houseguests had to remember what day certain events took place in the house. Before they get to the nomination phase, though, Pandora’s Box makes a return for Ian. He decides to open it, receiving a video from Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. That’s the punishment, with everyone else in the house getting taped messages from their loved ones. They liked that part of it, but Ian was a bit dismayed with what he got.

That transitioned the episode into the nominations, where Ian made the unsurprising revelation that he had nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction. Jenn is certainly on the outside of any perceived alliances at this point, so it really doesn’t seem like she has much of a future in this game unless someone else decides to make a big move before it gets down to the final four.

The nominees always get a chance to save themselves in the Veto competition and for those fans that want to find out what already took place, Gather has a spoilers article ready to go.

How do you like how the latest episode of the Big Brother 2012 season played out? Any predictions on which houseguest will now win Big Brother 14?

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