‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 28 Recap: House Heads to Final Three

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Big Brother 2012 episode 28 aired on Thursday, September 13. In the twenty-eighth episode of Big Brother 14, Danielle’s Head of Household nominations were revealed, and the show fast-forwarded to another eviction. As previously reported on Gather, the last episode of the show showed Jenn getting voted out of the house and Danielle becoming the final four HOH.

Episode 28 started with the familiar recap, ensuring that anyone who missed the last episode wasn’t in the dark about what was about to take place. That led up to Danielle revealing her nominations, which ended up being Dan and Ian. This meant that Shane would be the only one with a vote during the upcoming eviction ceremony, unless the Veto competition yielded results that could change the nominees.

The first images of the jury house were finally presented, with Ashley and Britney having a pretty good time there until Frank came along. That’s when the drama started to take place, but with this actually happening a while ago, it’s entirely possible that they are friends by now. The complete footage must have been pretty boring for CBS to wait until five people had been in the jury house before showing any footage.

That took the episode to the Veto competition, where it became extremely important for everyone to win it. Danielle ended up winning the Veto, keeping complete power in her hands as they went into the Veto ceremony. At the Veto ceremony, Danielle used the Veto to save Dan and then chose Shane as the replacement nominee. She did this because she wanted to save Shane from having to vote out Ian, and Dan had promised that he would do it.

What transpired gave Dan the only vote at the eviction ceremony. Dan voted to evict Shane, shocking the house, but not anyone that has been paying attention. Danielle was floored by the revelation, and Shane couldn’t react with anything other than shock about what had just taken place. This means that the final three are now Dan, Danielle, and Ian, who will compete for the $500,000 prize in a three-art HOH competition.

Part 1 of the final HOH competition couldn’t get finished before the end of the episode. It will take place on the live feeds, which means results won’t be given until the Sunday episode (September 16). For those fans who want to know how it turns out early, Gather has a spoilers article up and ready.

Did you enjoy Big Brother 2012 episode 28? Who do you think is going to win Big Brother 14?

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