‘Big Brother 2012′ Episode 30 Recap: Season Finale Reveals Winner

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Big Brother 2012 episode 30 aired on Wednesday, September 19. In the thirtieth episode of Big Brother 14, a recap of the season was done as they led up to revealing who had won the $500,000 prize in the season finale. As previously reported on Gather, during the last episode, Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition had just started.

Despite this episode being nearly a week after Part 1 was completed, the first part of the episode was dedicated to showing what took place last Thursday (September 13). It turns out that Dan had struck a deal with Ian so that Ian would throw the competition. When the endurance challenge began, Ian dropped off pretty early, but Dan wasn’t done. He then convinced Danielle to drop, giving him a win in Part 1 of the final HOH.

In Part 2 of the final HOH, in a battle between Ian and Danielle, it was Ian who ended up winning. This was the scenario that Dan wanted all along, nearly guaranteeing that he would get to go to the final two no matter what would take place in Part 3. He even celebrated with Ian after the win, but played it off as a plan with Danielle to do so.

This is where CBS finally showed some of the jury deliberations that took place last weekend, giving some insight to how the evicted houseguests might be voting during the live portion of the show. The comments did shed a lot of light on who people might vote for, including showing that Ian might be able to beat Dan if that ended up being the final two.

Part 3 of the final competition was the usual question and answer, where each houseguest got asked the same questions. It was seven questions, with the person answering the most correctly winning the round. Both Dan and Ian got the first two right, and then Ian was the only one to get the next three correct. They didn’t even need to finish the game he was so far ahead, guaranteeing him a spot in the final two.

Ian was then forced to decide who would go with him to the final two, an important choice that could have ended up altering how the jury perceived his game on the season. Ian decided to take Dan with him, evicting Danielle and making her the seventh member of the jury.

The jury members each got to then pose a question to both Ian and Dan, with the final two taking their turns answering. This is where everyone acts like these answers are going to determine how the seven houseguests will vote, but it still doesn’t seem believable that they don’t know the moment they walk into the studio which key they are putting in.

CBS crammed in one final segment before the votes were revealed, which involved bringing back the evicted houseguests who weren’t part of the jury. Even Jodi, who got evicted on her first day in the house, was part of the production.

Ian drew four of the first five votes, making him the winner of Big Brother 14. It was a pretty amazing run for the kid, and it meant that Dan would have to settle for the $50,000 second-place prize. The jury members who voted for Ian were Frank, Joe, Jenn, Ashley and Britney and Shane, while it was only Danielle who voted for Dan Gheesling. The 6-1 final vote was pretty one-sided, showing just how well Ian Terry played this season.

As for America’s Vote and the $25,000 prize for it, the winner of that was Frank Eudy, who was one of the most successful competitors that the show has had when it comes to challenges.

Did you enjoy the Big Brother 2012 season finale? Will you be tuning in to Big Brother 15 next summer?

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