‘Big Brother’ Makers Might Not Block ‘Glass House’ After All

CBS doesn’t want any competition from ABC. The former network has pulled out all the stops possible to keep the latter from running a show similar to their Big Brother. However, so far, it looks like Glass House is a go.

According to CBS, the Disney owned channel’s newest reality TV show “violates copyright and trade secrets”. The question on everyone’s mind, however, is when did copyright become an issue when it comes to TV? Networks copy one another all the time. What makes these two shows so unique?

A federal judge listened to all the hoopla between the two networks yesterday and didn’t seem impressed with the CBS argument. He even said he wasn’t inclined to grant the injunction. However, he agreed to read through everything a second time before making his final ruling.

Still, he did note that the copyright argument wasn’t very strong nor was he convinced that ABC somehow stole trade secrets from its sister network. He also noted he wasn’t “persuaded that the broadcast (of Glass House) will dull the appetite for views of Big Brother”.

Therefore, unless something unusual happens today, it looks like Glass House will begin airing on ABC Monday night as planned.

A lot of people agree with the judge. People who like to watch that kind of voyeur television will probably watch both shows. It seems they can’t get enough of people making fools of themselves. As for everyone else, they wouldn’t tune in to the new show any more than the old one.

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