Big Sean Did Not Like His First Album ‘Finally Famous’

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“Finally Famous” wasn’t impressive.

Or at least, it wasn’t to the man who wrote the album, rapper Big Sean. The G.O.O.D. Music artist, who is currently working on his sophomore album, expects his new album to be much better than his old one. This is because he wasn’t even that much of a fan of his first album.

Even though “Finally Famous” produced some big singles such as “Dance(A$$),” Sean has come out and said the following about the album in an interview: “On the first album I wasn’t really in love with every single one. I just think it was a timing thing. I just started getting into the groove; I was starting to feel comfortable right when it was due. Really when it was past due, and it kind of (expletive) me up.”

However, Sean isn’t discouraged by it and says he’s glad the album turned out the way that it did so he could make his next one that much better. He said his second album would also feature some more songs for the radio but also going to have some songs you wouldn’t expect from Sean. He explained his second album as “all about taking a chance.”

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