BIG wedding update!

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I sure hope I am not losing friends for posting articles but not commenting back right away. I apologize if I do. I have been so busy lately BUT I want to share some good things about my life and dont have anyone around here to really "share" the nwes with.. so I come here to my gather friends. I will eventually get time to be very active like before and I will make up for my absence. Many of you know when I comment I normally comment quite a bit anyways!


SOOO.. to my wedding.. we decided on lavendar and mint green. I seen the colors together in a magazine and man do they look great together. Now of course some people may take mint green and think of it in all different shades but the one I seen called mint green was awesome!

Im going to decorate tables with the 2 colors I chose in rose petals with a vase/bowl in middle with candles in some and flowers in some…

My "theme" is 2 hearts 1 Love. I found some  2 heart 1 love really cute plates, napkins and cups to match all my other items with the 2 hearts!

I got a call tonight from a MaryKay consultant and I have been a bride chosen for a FREE makeover! She told me I can invite as many ladies as I want. So I invited my 5 SIL and my mom. 3 SIL can not make it so I called my lovely bridesmaids and they are all going with me in place of the 3 SIL that cant go. I cant wait to do that next weekend. My mom and I are going FEB 21 to look for a dress. My maid of honor is going with us! Im going tomorrow to register for the shower my aunt is holding for me. We go SUnday to meet with preacher for another marriage counseling session.


I called a photographer.. basically her cheapest package was 500.00 and I cant afford that! So I called my SIL and asked if she would mind doing the pictures and the photographer would do JUST the ceremony for 200.00 and give me the cd with all pictures. She said she would if I needed her too. I felt SOO bad though becasue I want her to enjoy the wedding and not stress about getting the perfect pictrues and all you know. And I want her to be in some!!

SOOOO… The lady called me the next morning and told me she would like to photograph the entire wedding..


I was speechless.. She said she wanted to maek a trade.. I asked what that might be..

She told me she is going to be doing a marriage class.. hubby does not have to hour a session once a week for 6 weeks and asked if I came she would do my wedding for free!   Im still speechless!

I told her how much that meant to me and buy this time I was crying I did not know how to thank her and she has no idea how much that means to me! She told me to Thank the Lord he told her to do it for me.. How awesome is that! I think God was blessing me for what I done a few days before this. We had my bday party January 3rd at crab shack. One of my sister in laws was not going to come becasue she did not have the money since it is very expensive plus she had 4 kids with her. I told my hubby to call her and tell her we would pay for her if she would please come. we had the money so we did it! I knew she wanted to come and I felt so bad she was going to wait for us at another sisters house.. I could not let that happen.. So I felt like God rewarded me becasue he knows I give when I can!

SO thats my update! Hope you all enjoyed it!


She ALWAYS stick her lil tongue out

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