Bigfoot Sighting 2011 – NC Man Insists Photos Are of Sasquatch

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It seems every couple of years there is a new Bigfoot sighting. Many are disproved, while others linger on. The latest Sasquatch sighting comes from a North Carolina man who insists he saw the famed furry ape-man run in front of his car!

Shelby resident, Thomas Byers, says Bigfoot darted across the road in front of his car while he and his friend were traveling through the hills below South Mountains State Park on Tuesday evening. Byers and his friend Carolyn Wright were planning to watch for paranormal phenomena at an old church graveyard that night. While they were in route to the graveyard, the large, furry bigfoot-like critter crossed their path.

Of course, Byers took some photographs and recorded a brief video of the Bigfoot sighting with a pocket digital camera. Who would want to miss out on photos of Bigfoot after all? Interestingly enough, the photos are very blurred and indistinct. True to Bigfoot photo opt moments. That furry fella really hates picture day now doesn’t he?

Byers insists the darkening sky made his Sasquatch photos blurry, but are people really supposed to believe├é┬áthat? Come now, in this day and age, where we have cell phones with front and rear-facing cameras that auto-focus, and auto-adjust to whatever lighting situation one is in — this is the best shot of Bigfoot we could get? For real? Come on, the famed Nessie fake photo looked more believable than this!

What are your thoughts on the 2011 North Carolina Bigfoot sighting? Do you think this is the real deal, or is it all a hoax?

Photo: Thomas Byers via The Shelby Star

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