Bike Thief Leaves Man an Apology Letter

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Paul Gilmour didn’t get his bike stolen from the average bike thief. He received an apology letter from this guy when his bike was recovered by the police. In the handwritten letter, he said he was sorry for stealing the bike and explained why he did it. He admitted that he has been without work for a couple of years, suffering from addiction and has been generally very unhappy.

“Apparently, when he was picked up by police, he had asked for a piece of paper and a pen and wrote out this apology letter for me. And he included $10 out of his pocket to help pay for a replacement lock,” Gilmour said.

The bike thief also advised Gilmour to go out and buy a U-lock to prevent his bike from getting stolen again.

Gilmour admitted that he has conflicting emotions about the situation but is thankful to have his bike back.

“I have no choice but to forgive this guy,” he said. “It’s just such a bizarre mix. He’s obviously got issues and he’s going to work through it, and he’ll get his help now. The whole change of heart this guy had is really interesting.”

The man who stole Gilmour’s bike didn’t have to write him an apology letter or give him $10 to buy a new lock, but he did it anyway. That shows that he really felt bad about what he did and wanted to make things right. He did a dishonest thing in the beginning but owned up to his mistake so that he can become a better person.

Photo Credit: Paul Gilmour

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