Bikini Basketball League Photos Prove Miami Spice Logo Copies Seattle Supersonics

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A set of Bikini Basketball League photos has emerged which show proof that the new team known as the Miami Spice has taken a piece of NBA history and possibly violated some copyright policies. The new logo for the brandnew league reveals a copy of the old-fashioned Seattle Supersonics logo from years ago in the NBA.

According to, there are just seven teams for the new bikini-clad league, which starts up in just over a month. They include the Atlanta Fleet Angels, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties, Orlando Lady Cats, L.A. Ice, Chicago Desire, and Miami Spice. The last of those teams mentioned has a blatant copy of the green, yellow, and white Sonics logo from back in the days before they were the Oklahoma City Thunder. The only difference is the Spice uses similar colors to the Miami Heat with red, white, and black.

Sports Grid goes on to display more photos of some logos that look similar. The New York Knockouts, they contend, has a similar style to that of the official NBA and WNBA logos. It’s quite possible that the design teams just lacked creativity, or they wanted to try to spoof these leagues. Nonetheless, not many people are probably going to notice this logo controversy, unless the former Sonics, and current NBA/WNBA decide to pursue it further.

Do you think the new Miami Spice logo for the Bikini Basketball League violates any copyright laws, or is simply a mock of another logo?

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