Bikinis & bulls: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2010 and the stock market

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Do red, white, and blue babes have any effect on the stock market? Probably not. However, over at Bespoke Investment Group they have an amusing post about the historical returns of the S&P 500 when there is an American vs. a non-American on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


“It’s that time of year again!  Sports Illustrated just revealed that this year’s cover model for the annual swimsuit issue was US model Brooklyn Decker.  Based on Bespoke’s Swimsuit Issue Indicator, what does this mean for the market?  If history is any guide, the weak start to 2010 may soon reverse.”

From 1978-2009:

“The average performance of the S&P 500 during the prior 16 years [when an American was on the cover] is a gain of 10.6% with 13 positive years (81.3%).  Of the 16 years where no American appeared on the cover, the S&P 500 has averaged a gain of 8.2% with 12 positive years (75%).”

Still, I wouldn’t make any investment decisions based on Ms. Decker. She may cause temperatures to rise, but the stock market does whatever it wants.

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