Bill Clinton hospitalized – Bill Clinton heart attack scare

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Recent news headlines have developed stating that former president Bill Clinton hospitalized after what some believed may have been a heart attack.  However, CNN reports there was no evidence of a Bill Clinton heart attack.  Instead, it was reported that the former president felt some discomfort in his chest area for several days.  To make sure everything was ok, Clinton had two stents put in his coronary artery, and is now recovering fine after the procedure.

Bill Clinton is currently 63 years old, and had the procedures performed at New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Columbian campus.  Clinton previously had quadruple bypass surgery back in 2004, and two stents were added in the new procedure to improve blood flow to a coronary artery.  This was after doctors discovered a bypass graft in Clinton’s chest was blocked.  The hospital’s chief of Cardiology reported the president to be “in good spirits” and said they hoped he would be heading home Friday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has delayed a trip to the Middle East for Saturday as she arrived to New York on Thursday night.  She was originally scheduled to arrive to the Middle East on Friday.  Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea was also there with her dad.  Former president George W. Bush also called and spoke with Chelsea to receive news that despite news of Bill Clinton is hospitalized he’s doing well.  Luckily the news of a Bill Clinton heart attack scare was untrue, and the former president will be able to return to his Haiti earthquake relief effoRts soon.

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