Bill Clinton Just Re-Elected Barack Obama

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CNN Republican strategist, Alex Castellanos, said Bill Clinton’s speech just re-elected Barack Obama. Indeed, it was one of the single best speeches of Clinton’s career. And one of the most important to this nation. But was it enough to turn Obama into the new “comeback kid”?

Clinton discussed point by point the attack the Republicans made on Obama’s record during their convention last week in Tampa. He had solid facts and numbers to back it up. He concluded that the Republican strategy is, “we left him a total mess, he hasn’t finished cleaning it up yet, so fire him and put us back in.” That’s as accurate a description of the situation as you will find.

One important issue Clinton tackled was the $716 billion in both the Obama and the Romney budgets. “It takes some brass to attack a guy for what you did,” he said.

And, he addressed the completely false attacks on Obama for lifting the work requirement of the Welfare-Work program that Clinton instated. The fact is, Obama issued vouchers to Governors asking for help qualifying people for welfare. Jobs are scarce so Obama agreed but only if they increased the number of jobs by 20 percent overall in their state. As Clinton stated, that is “more work, not less!”

And here’s the Democrat v. Republican scorecard as presented by Bill Clinton:

52 years of Congress private sector jobs created: Republicans: 24 million. Democrats: 42 million

Job score for last 29 months: President Obama: 4 1/2 million. Congressional Republicans: zero.

GM/Chrysler jobs: Obama: 250,000. Romney: zero.

Basic arithmetic says the Republicans are full of it when they say they know how to create jobs. Sure does make that “We Built It” slogan from last week look a bit like another….dare anyone say it…..LIE!

Bill Clinton closeup at dedication of WWII memorial, May 2004 Image source: Wikimedia commons

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