Bill Clinton Wept Over Monica Lewinsky – Do you believe it?

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In Hugh Shelton’s Tell All Book, Bill Clinton wept over Monica Lewinsky the last time they had a meeting together. Bill Clinton was distraught over the Monica Lewinsky scandal according to Hugh Shelton, Mr. Clinton didn’t hold back his tears.

Hugh Shelton stated the last time he met Bill Clinton, the former president wept over Monica Lewinsky.  Bill Clinton said to Hugh Shelton, “Hugh, I need to see you in private, please. Hugh, I know the last few years have put a tremendous strain on you based on my … activity. I know the principles for which you stand, and I know the values, and character, that our men and women in uniform. I want to personally thank you for your support. Expect—and possess—and in truthfulness, I have not lived up to those values; and yet, you have stuck by me. ” He said the former president Bill Clinton then wept over Monica Lewinsky. Shelton was completely in awe according to the politics news website.

In his autobiography, “Without Hesitation” Shelton exposes former president Bill Clinton’s emotional side where he wept over Monica Lewinsky. What do you think about Hugh Shelton’s tell all book?

Do you think the former president wept over Monica Lewinsky? For more information about the book, follow this link. To read more on the story, follow this link.

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