Bill Cosby Dead – Did Bill Cosby Die?

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Bill Cosby dead was the first headline I read after being away for a couple of days.  Did Bill Cosby die?  Is Bill Cosby dead or is it just another tiresome Internet rumor to disturb the peace? 

When I sought the answer to the question did Bill Cosby die, I was not surprised to discover Bill Cosby dead was just a horrible rumor.  These terrible rumors are even more disturbing as we mourn the real loss of Brittany Murphy, Nick Dewar, Jack Brisco and other beloved celebrities.

At 72 years old, famous comic actor Bill Cosby is still going strong.  Bill Cosby dead?!  Not quite!  Bill Cosby will be performing at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Connecticut on March 13.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Bill Cosby’s last Twitter tweet on February 2 as, “Did you know I have an iTunes play list? Well I do! –” 2:08 PM Feb 2nd.

Did Bill Cosby die?  No, thank goodness!  I still remember Bill Cosby as the voice of Fat Albert and the father of the Cosby family.  Do you recall the Jello pudding commercial starring Bill Cosby?  Let’s check it out:


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