Bill Maher: A Gem in Modern Politics

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Bill Maher is a gem in the current political climate. His keen intelligence and his cutting sense of humor not only attracts a more intelligent voter base for the current administration, but “the opposition” is just entertaining to watch seething at the positive results. Rush Limbaugh, for example, cries about Maher all the time and thinks that Obama should give back his donation money. That’s just one example of how those who are losing out as far as pundits go in this dog-eat-dog world of campaigning for the good guys.

Recently, Bill Maher was interviewed about some current points in politics and like always he brought his cunning insight and thoughtful wit to the table. He was asked if it was surprising to him that the Tea Party is still a force in 2012, and he said the following:

If you call them the Tea Party, maybe. I think the Tea Party really is a faction of the Republican Party that has been there since the 1950s. Whether you call them Birchers or Birthers or the religious right, there is about 25 to 30 percent of this country that is very far right, and very against everything that moves America forward. These are the people who are always talking about restoring America. To what exactly, I’m not sure. Because the time that they seem to pine for, the 1950s, was a time when tax rates were at 90 percent.

Not only was he completely right on point, but he delivered his response in a way that beckoned smiles. It’s true that these types will always exist to “restore America,” but that is truly just a dressed up term for “regressing,” which is the opposite of what the values of this nation are even for in the first place! Maher was also asked about his views on Obama’s recent support for marriage equality and equal rights for homosexuals, and as expected he is in full support. Although he thinks it’s overdue that the president spoke for the rights of those who are in love with their partners regardless of gender.

Indeed, Bill is becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to reaching millions of potential voters. He’s doing a damn good job and is giving the right-wingers a true run for their money. He’s certainly annoying the likes of Limbaugh and O’Reilly, which isn’t really hard to do. He is most under attack recently for making comments about Bristol Palin, as some on the far right think the adult single mother is “off limits.” However, the mother of the failed Alaskan politician Sarah Palin puts herself out there to be scrutinized openly. She’s as fair game as any other figure and Maher is a politically charged comedian. Deal with it.

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