Bill Maher Reads Anthony Weiner Facebook Messages

If the story of Anthony Weiner and his Twitter snafu weren’t amusing enough on its own, it gets even funnier with the Bill Maher treatment.

The often politically incorrect host of Real Time With Bill Maher along with guest actress and Glee star Jane Lynch performed a reading of the transcript of Anthony Weiner’s Facebook messages on last night’s episode. The transcript of the representative’s salacious exchange with blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss over Facebook was material just itching to be made fun of, and the talented Jane Lynch and smarmy Bill Maher didn’t need to do much more than speak the words to make it downright hilarious.

Some might find the extremely NSFW video inappropriate, but in light of the stunningly ridiculous nature of this entire Anthony Weiner story, it’s really difficult not to see the humor in the situation. If anything the lesson for any future straying politicians is, expect to be ridiculed if you chose to have an affair in a public forum. Especially, and this cannot be stressed enough, if your last name is Weiner.

You can check out the Real Time With Bill Maher clip here, but be warned, it is extremely NSFW for any young ears. What do you think of Anthony Weiner Facebook transcript reading? Hilarious or inappropriate?

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