Bill Murray ‘Groundhog Day': The Perfect Movie For Today (Video)

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Bill Murray is one of the funniest actors of this generation, and arguably one of his best films fits today like a glove. The movie ‘Groundhog Day’ is a must see, especially if you are at home buried in the snow like half of the country is right now.

Now that we know spring is coming early thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, what better way to celebrate today by watching this great classic movie!

After all, this is the holiday in which we celebrate the furry little guy who can predict when all this snow will finally be gone by seeing, or not seeing, his shadow.

So instead of fighting all the snow and blustery wind outside, sit back grab something good to eat, a warm mug of hot cocoa and watch Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’. If you have never seen it, or seen it many times, it’s always good for a laugh.

If you don’t have the DVD, be sure to turn on Encore! They are having a marathon showing of Groundhog Day through midnight tonight.


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