Bill O’Reilly Gets Gawkered Over Wife’s Infidelity

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An exposé on Bill O’Reilly has been revealed as the reason Fox News has been taking potshots at Gawker Media lately. blogger John Cook posted an exclusive report Tuesday: O’Reilly used the internal affairs department of the police precinct in his home of Nassau County (on Long Island) to investigate an officer he suspected of sleeping with his attractive wife, Maureen McPhilmy O’Reilly. Nassau County, New York is extremely affluent and home to many celebrities, therefore it’s no surprise that cops in their precinct are used to bribes coming in from the rich and powerful. However, it’s still fascinating to learn that a Fox News personality known for preachy diatribes about morality and “family values” was the catalyst for an officer assigned to root out corruption being told to waste taxpayer money as a personal favor.

Gawker claims that their anonymous source is an individual with a personal relationship with Richard Harasym, the officer who was ordered to conduct an investigation to get dirt on the unmarried detective allegedly having an affair with Maureen McPhilmy O’Reilly. “The source provided contemporaneous e-mail traffic to support his account,” Cook explains. Harasym is a 23-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department, and as of this incident he had been in the internal affairs unit for 12 years. According to the source’s e-mails, Haraysm’s commanding officer, Inspector Neil Delargy, called Haraysm into his office and instructed him to launch an investigation into the aforementioned officer not because of any misdeeds, but expressly because of his affair with Bill O’Reilly’s wife. Delargy wanted Haraysm to meet with two private detectives within the department who had already received assignments to work on this investigation.

It gets worse. Delargy told Haraysm in no uncertain terms that the investigation was “highly sensitive” for two specific reasons—the first of which is that the actual order had come from the top: then-commissioner Lawrence Mulvey. That would be shocking enough, because it’s proof that Bill O’Reilly has the whole precinct wrapped around his little finger. However, the reason this is so was the second point Delargy made: O’Reilly was ready to make a massive donation to the Nassau County Police Department Foundation, which Cook explained is “a private not-for-profit foundation Mulvey helped found in 2009 to raise money for construction of a planned $48 million police training facility at Nassau Community College.” The source confirmed to Gawker that Mulvey ordered the investigation because he wanted the donation. Even worse: disturbed by the assignment, Haraysm refused it, and was transferred out of internal affairs in a matter of months. He should sue the department.

Surprisingly, Mulvey, who retired in April, gave Gawker a comment. He stated that he knew of the investigation but didn’t know if it was concluded, and claimed he had no personal contact from Bill O’Reilly asking him to launch an investigation. He admitted he does know O’Reilly personally and refused to answer further questions.

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