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I drive around in my big red car

The one that used to be Bill’s

And I know he is driving along with me

The passenger seat he fills


That’s because when he was still here

I always drove when we went out

And I find myself thinking just like him

I get so mad I want to shout


Why are you making a left, you dope

You should go up and turn at the light

He hated that and I always smiled

But you know, I think he was right


So while we are talking as we drive along

Listening to a Frank Sinatra song

I find myself thinking how much he knew

About a lot of things, I’m just a bit blue


But it’s nice to have company in the car

I never really drive that far

The tapes he made twenty years ago

Are recorded from the radio


I think as I hear the commercials all the same

Why don’t they sell another kind of car

And it’s in New Jersey, but the service is great

I should go and buy one and mustn’t be late


But Bill calms me down, as Dean or Frankie sings

And the songs are all worth remembering

They’re all about love, wouldn’t you know

So as we talk, I drive along with the flow


You know it’s actually true what they say

Loved ones really don’t go away

Bill rides in our car, whispers things in my ear

My heart is happy, he’s saying things I love to hear





If you are not up in age, add some years to your present age.  You are an Elder for all intents and purposes.  You have lived a life just the way you would like for it to have turned out in your Elder years…

Is your walk down this road that you see in this scene LONGor short?And, more importantly, WHY?

This is meant to be a writing exercise that prompts you to write an Elder Life Story that only YOU can tell…

Now go ahead, and tell your story, cleaver Writer!

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….prime those fingers up, the keyboard is calling out your name!



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