Billy Bob Thornton in “Bad Santa 2″?

Billy Bob Thornton may be reprising his role in Bad Santa 2 if all talks go well. Back in 2003, the original Bad Santa left off with Billy Bob Thornton’s character, Willie, getting a sensitivity trainer job for the Police Department. But there was no absolute ending as to what happened with the little boy, Thurman, played by Brett Kelly or about what became of the relationship between Willie and Lauren Graham’s character Sue.

Speaking about the possibility of a Bad Santa 2, Thornton said, “There’s been talk of making a sequel to it, which I actually would like to do. I’ve never done a sequel to one of my movies, but that one makes sense to me to do it.”

Unfortunately, Billy Bob did not let on about what kind of talks there was or who was doing the talking. The fact that he was very hushed about what’s swirling around Hollywood has Bad Santa fans concerned that the movie may be a no go.

What do you think will happen to it? Do you think Billy Bob Thornton will get a chance to return in Bad Santa 2?

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