Billy Bob Thornton’s Daughter Amanda Brumfield Gets 20-Year Jail Sentence

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Just in: Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter Amanda Brumfield, was sentenced to 20 years in jail for the aggravated killing of a child. Her lawyers plan to appeal the sentence in the death of Olivia Madison Garcia.

The case stemmed from the child’s death back in 2008, while she was under the care of Brumfield, her mother’s best friend at the time.

What is known is that baby Olivia died from head trauma. While the prosecution contends that the death resulted at the hands of Brumfield, with intent to harm, the defense team says it was accidental, citing CBS News report.

Apparently, the jury did not side with Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter’s lawyers, either for lack of evidence, or the prosecution’s compelling case supporting conviction.

Radar Online confirmed back in August that Thornton’s estranged daughter’s defense team planned to appeal the verdict — and sentence — if it was unfavorable to their client. At present, there is no word on whether a court will grant the request for a new trial.

It is unknown how long Thornton and Amanda Brumfield have been estranged. However, she is the oldest child from Billy Bob Thornton’s marriage to Melissa Lee Gatlin. The Slingblade actor married five times.

According to Fox News, one of his five wives was actress Angelina Jolie. They were married for three years.

Although Amanda Brumfield and her dad are estranged, any parent would be concerned that their child — especially the first-born — is serving a long jail sentence. While he has not made any public statements yet, undoubtedly Thornton is concerned about the welfare of his daughter.

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