Billy Ray Cyrus “Sad” Daughter Miley Cyrus Smoked Salvia in Bong

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Country star Billy Ray Cyrus has issued a statement saying he is “sad” about the recent video that went viral showing daughter Miley Cyrus smoking salvia from a bong. Billy Ray needs to man up, stop being “sad” and take some action.

According to the New York Daily News, Miley Cyrus hasn’t yet issued any kind of an explanation to her fans regarding the bong smoking incident, during which it is said she was smoking a hallucinogenic called salvia. Dad Billy Ray Cyrus, however, took to his Twitter account, and tweeted that he was sad about the incident.

“Sorry, guys, I had no idea,” Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted. “Just saw this stuff for the first time myself.”

He went on with his tweet.

“I’m so sad,” he said. “There is much beyond my control right now.”

Grow a pair, Billy Ray. This is your daughter, for goodness sake. She is smoking a hallucinogenic and seemingly having a blast. If you fear jeopardizing your relationship with her due to a confrontation, let’s imagine this scenario…..”Miley Cyrus on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

Miley Cyrus is 18 years old and for the past year has clearly been stretching her limbs toward adulthood…often scantily clad limbs at that, and while many teenagers veer off the proverbial straight path, it’s important for Miley Cyrus’ parents to remember that their teenager has something that many of these teenagers don’t…access to seemingly unlimited funds. She could buy any drug she wants in whatever quantities she desires. She needs to be dealt with harshly before it’s too late.

It’s a shame that Miley Cyrus has gone down this road for another reason, too. The “Hannah Montana” star is revered with intensity by millions of little girls. Now their idol does drugs and has been shown on film laughing and loving every minute of it.

Billy Ray Cyrus can be “sad” all he wants, but he also needs to be a father to Miley Cyrus right now. Even though he and wife Tish are getting a divorce, it’s imperative they band together and see Miley through this difficult spot in her young life.


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