Billy Ray Reacts to Miley Cyrus’ Lap Dance Video(VIDEO)

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Billy Ray’s little girl, Miley Cyrus, has caused quite a controversy in the past couple of days. A video of Miley dirty dancing and giving a grown man a lap dance was posted on TMZ yesterday. The video was taken last summer at the wrap party of her movie, The Last Song and neither of Miley’s parents attended the party.

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When TMZ asked Billy Ray about the video, he replied, “It’s what people her age do” and she was just “having fun.” Hmmm. I think if most parents saw their 16 year old daughter grinding up against a 44 year old man, they might think it was just a little inappropriate.

Miley works in an adult world, and her parents and everyone around her are treating her as an adult. Billy Ray and his wife were not present at the wrap party, and they should have been. This wasn’t a high school dance, it was a party presumably attended mostly by adults.

Click here for the video

What are your thoughts? Is Billy Ray too lenient?

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