Bin Laden Cell Phone? Pakistan Army Denies There’s a Link

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The Pakistan army is denying that Bin Laden used a cell phone to communicate with Pakistan’s intelligence agency despite claims from the New York Times that he did. There’s no doubt that the relationship between America and Pakistan are strained and if what the New York Times states is true, that relationship would only become more strained. Hell, a whole new war may just break out.

Major General Athar Abbas of the Pakistan army stated that the military “rejects the insinuations made in the NYT story. It is part of a well orchestrated smear campaign against our security organizations. Pakistan, its security forces have suffered the most at the hands of al Qaeda and have delivered the most against al Qaeda; our actions on the ground speak louder than the words of the Times.”

Well, Major, that’s the problem because your actions have shown the U.S. whose side you truly are on despite what your words states. It’s any wonder anyone listens to the blatant lies of the Pakistan army but hey, tolerance is beneficial for world peace right? It will be interesting to see what the White House has to officially say about Bin Laden and his cell phone now that Pakistan is denying their link.

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