BioTech Company Develops Apples That Won’t Turn Brown

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A Canadian biotechnology company is hoping for approval from the USDA so that it can market its genetically engineered apples in the U.S. Okanagan Specialty Fruits of Summerland, British Columbia licensed the technology from Australians who used it on potatoes.

Whole apple and two slices So how do you grow apples that won’t turn brown when you slice them? You silence the gene that produces the enzyme that browns the fruit. How do you feel about genetically modified foods? Andrew Kimball of the Center for Food Safety thinks that you won’t approve of them. “A botox apple is not what people are looking for,” he said. He also expressed his concern. saying, “Scientists have been saying they’re only turning one thing off, but that switch is connected to another switch and another switch. You can’t just do one thing to nature.” On the hand, Okanagan’s president, Neil Carter, assures, “Some people won’t like it just because of what it is. In the end, it’s a great product, no question about it, and people will see the process used to get it had very sound science.”

The USDA has previously approved modified tomatoes and grapes and so it’s very likely they’ll give the nod to Okanagan’s Arctic apple. In the meantime, just sprinkle some lemon juice on your low tech apple slices.

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