I hear the entry

of the birdsong

I have missed her

during the brace of Winter

She is me and I am her

Her feathery wings

are fluttering around

my bold heart

Such a vision of angle and grace

against the crisp azure sky

gliding on today’s gentle breeze

She reminds me

it is time to shed

those dusty layers

on my pale skin

to emerge, rise and fly

away from my nest

perched in the air

To sing my song

float and soar again

As I walk along

glancing at my beloved

rocks and hemlock

I hear her lovely tune

from high above

She is nearby

and I break into

a joyful blossom

of musical notes

created from

granite and bark

wind and stream




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I am very passionate, sometimes too impulsive, a lover of life and all that it has to offer.

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