Birmingham Ghost Child Caught on iPhone? (Video)

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A man filming outside his window in England accidentally caught what he claims is a ghost child moaning or crying on video. Is it real?

The video, uploaded to YouTube, was shot by a man in Birmingham, England as he was watching a man next door raking leaves in the garden of an old nunnery. The man writes he was filming the gardener to catch him talking to himself.

As the video plays out, suddenly, a child’s voice can be clearly heard. There is no child in the video and the voice does not sound like that of a grown man. The voice of the “ghost” sounds like it is saying, “I’m cold, Mummy. “I’m cold.”

The witness claims he was home alone, with no TV or radio playing in the background. Several bumping sounds are explained away as the mobile phone banging against the blinds on the window itself.

Can it be possible that the man actually caught a spirit moaning on tape? If not, what (or who) is it?

Here’s the video:

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