Birth Certificate of Obama May Be Revealed

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Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii wants to find a way to reveal more about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He wants to clear up any conspiracy theories about the birth of President Obama.

The newly elected Governor has other priorities to deal with such as the economy, but he would like to dispel rumors about the birth as a friend to the President. Many people would like to see the controversial document, and this should be a priority of the Governor. This is ridiculous that this should persist, and simple proof is all that his needed.

Governor Abercrombie

Governor Abercrombie is tired of the political game. He wants to get permission to show the document. The state of Hawaii claims that requests are way up from people demanding to see the birth certificate with information such as the doctor’s name who delivered President Obama, and the name of the hospital. Hawaii should let him do so. Also, why doesn’t President Obama just show the birth certificate, and dispel all the rumors?

Birth Certificate

According to Fox News, “The newly elected governor will ask the state attorney general’s office about what can be done to put an end to questions about Obama’s birth documentation from Aug. 4, 1961, spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Tuesday.”

Birthers question whether Barack Obama should be President, as many birthers believe he was not born in Hawaii but rather in Kenya. Hawaii law prohibits anyone from seeing the birth certificate unless they have a vested interest. That’s where the problem lies. Who has a vested interest? Birthers claim that every American citizen should have access to the document as proof of his eligibility to be President. How do you feel about it, and should Abercrombie make this a priority?


Birth Certificate of President Obama May Be Revealed

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