Birthdays then and now- GWWE prompt for April the sixth 2011, the 39th year!

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Well now,

Another Wednesday has come and gone, and and another prompt has passed. Time ticks along every day and that is evident on days like the one that has passed today. You see, at sometime this past afternoon 39 years ago a little wet thing was pushed out and loved. That wet squishy bit of meat grew, developed, gathered knowledge and personality as it made its way through the day to day maneuvering that we all as people tend to have. These days I sit at home, work my job, love my wife and my children beyond measure and write as often as I can. My present today is the family and our happiness! My vow this birthday is to have in my possession, by this time next year a completed (or as much as I can pretend to finish a work) novel to begin bouncing off as many known and under-known producers of works of fiction as I can. But I digress…(I love that sentence)


This weeks prompt, of course…I want you to celebrate the birthday of your FAVORITE Uncle/Grandpa/Cousin/Male well loved generic family member and tell me what you would do to make it a memorable day for that person, who IS of course is your favorite family member.


Please, have your responses ( and there BETTER be a LOT of them!o) done by Wednesday the 13th and have GWWE in the title and tag it with Birthday!


Last week was a busy week for many of us here on Gather, but the responses I received for the Wednesday prompt were very good! Give them a read and be sure to click the “recommend” button to show your appreciation!


Elsie gave us another wonderful set of verses that bring back yesteryear and tie in to today!

I’m Just Saying – Colloquialisms – GWWE – Gather Writing EssentialsElsie Duggan


Lynn continues the saga of the Teddy’s in her self imposed monomyth using Gather prompts!

The Bear and The Eagle Part 9 – GWWE- Lynn (Gather’s Official Not-Poet) P.


Remember, if you submitted a post for last weeks prompt and I didn’t get it here, please drop me a private with a link, I will rectify my mistake! See you all next week!

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