Birther Bigots to Gather in Arizona

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The birther movement is far from dead, even though it really should be, and the state of Arizona is a hot spot of activity for these anti-Obama fruitcakes. Blame it on the heat, but these people just can’t get enough of the conspiracy theory that the POTUS was born in Kenya—even though he’s shown his birth certificate proving otherwise. Next month a convention for the anti-Obama conspiracy theorists will be held in Phoenix—just call it Birtherpalooza!

It’s being called a “star-studded event,” but really that’s only if you consider dying entertainers from yesteryear “stars.” Pat Boone’s gonna be there. Remember him? Didn’t think so! Basically this is an event for old bigots who hate the fact that the current President of the United States is black and from a colorful family background. That includes one man who isn’t necessarily verging on the geriatric side, but he’s a war criminal who refused to deploy even though he was a member of the military—which he willingly signed up for in the first place. His reason—because of his idiotic ideals.

What’s funny is how this is being billed as a “Tea Party Patriots Event,” clearly connecting the tea party to the movement known for being the craziest of the right wing groups. It seems that conservative voters are being inundated with this ideology in a way that makes every one of them either look insane or clueless about their own voting platforms. Have fun with that, guys!

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