Birther Donald Trump Does Not Have a Real Birth Certificate

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Unlike President Obama, Donald Trump can’t produce a real birth certificate. Trump, who is a birther, is toying with a run for president in 2012. The billion-dollar mogul who is best known for his mile-long marital track record and reality television show, The Apprentice,  is becoming known for his anti-Obama rhetoric on Fox News. In fact, he claimed on Fox the other night that he was “Concerned about Obama’s citizenship status.”

According to sources, and well, everyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the past week, it is completely unknown as to where Donald Trump was even  born. What is known, however, is that his mother was born in Scotland and some of his most cherished, expensive toys are registered overseas, although this is probably for tax purposes.

Donald trump, after claiming that Obama has never produced a birth certificate, produced some lousy excuse of a birth certificate of his own. Why did he do this? Who knows, but the so-called presidential hopeful sure bit off more than he could chew when it was revealed that his birth certificate isn’t even real. So who is Donald Trump and where is he from really?

As most people know, POTUS Obama and his campaign definitely produced his actual birth certificate back in 2008. Oh yah, and actual newspaper announcements from the 1960s, announcing Obama’s birth, in Hawaii. In case Donald Trump and other birthers weren’t aware, Hawaii is a part of the United States of America.


Mr. Trump, Scotland is not a US state. Where is your real birth certificate?



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