Birther Lawsuit Rejected in Arizona

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A birther lawsuit in Arizona has been rejected, serving as yet again another loss for the group of big-dreamers who are questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship. This latest lawsuit fell back on whether or not the POTUS meets the constitutional requirements as a “natural born citizen.”

Since Obama’s father was a British citizen, the loud few are decrying his presidency as a fraud based on whatever definition of “natural born citizen” they are referring to. Therefore, the recent line of attack on him targets whether or not he is even eligible for re-election.

Of course, the birther movement has lost again thanks to the lawsuit being rejected, so this isn’t really going to be an issue. As for the definition of what makes someone a “natural born citizen” of the United States of America, it’s not clarified upon in the Constitution. So, naturally those who oppose the current administration are desperately throwing definitions in the air and hoping at least one will stick in their favor.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines a “natural born citizen” as “a person born within the jurisdiction of a national government.” That certainly sounds like President Obama considering he was born in the state of Hawaii.

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