Birther Orly Taitz Challenges Obama Again

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Birther queen Orly Taitz won’t relent on her continued attacks on President Barack Obama, so the title of this should read “Newsflash: Orly Taitz Still Crazy.” Nonetheless, the court systems have to acknowledge every suit she files even if they do get thrown out with laughter.

Sources are saying that New Hampshire’s Ballot Law Commission is going to have to sit through a complaint lodged by Orly Taitz, meaning they have to go through yet again, another round of birther madness. When will this ever end? Orly and her ilk think this time her cries of “fraud” will be heard because she has a few other fellow-loonies along with her thinking that Obama’s birth certificate is an “obvious” fraud.

The fact of the matter is that President Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii. There is adequate proof and has been for years to show this. He didn’t just land over here from Kenya on some mass conspiracy that he was going to take over the U.S. It’s just pure madness on the parts of birther fanatics.


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