Birthers Sue Esquire Magazine: ‘You Made Us Look Ridiculous’

Major Birther advocate Jerome Corsi released his book Where’s the Birth Certificate? right after President Obama showed the world his long form birth certificate earlier this spring. With that revelation, the question, “Where is it?” was answered before Corsi’s book hit the shelves.

??It looks like bad timing is the real villain. But Birthers are suing anyway blaming book sale numbers on a satirical piece written by Mark Warren entitled: “BREAKING! Jerome Corsi’s Birther Book Pulled From Shelves!” In that parody, published in Esquire Magazine on May 18th, a ‘fake’ Corsi says that in light of the recent long form birth certificate produced by the White House, he is pulling the book because he does not want to look like an “idiot”.

The satirical piece has inspired the real Corsi to file a lawsuit against Esquire, the Hearst Corporation and author Mark Warren for $285 millions dollars. The lawsuit states the article quoting the ‘fake’ Corsi has made him look ‘ridiculous’ and further that it has hampered his ability to sell the book through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other book outlets. The book debuted at number 6 last week and today occupies the 14th spot on the New York Times non-fiction Hardcover best-seller list. Apparently that isn’t good enough for Corsi.

After Obama released a copy of his long form birth certificate that, by the way, is not even the version officially accepted as verifiable proof of natural citizenship, the percentage of Americans who doubt Obama was really born here, dwindled by 50 percent. That leaves the curious and the diehards who are certain Obama was born in Kenya and refuse to believe any evidence to the contrary.

Esquire scoffs at the implication Warren’s article leaves them open to a lawsuit. A spokesman for Esquire wrote: “Additionally, the piece was tagged as ‘humor,’ as are all of our frequent satire posts on Esquire’s Politics Blog. That was not lost on our observant readers.”

Is Esquire implying there may be an opening for a possible follow-up story?: Birthers Sue: ‘Do not Understand the Concept of Satire’.

The book Where’s the Birth Certificate? makes the case that Obama was not born in America and is not really the President of the United States. Apparently, Corsi believes he is the only one entitled to make up stuff.

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