Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal Rocks American Baptists

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One of the more famous Southern mega church preachers, Bishop Eddie Long, is suddenly embroiled in a legal sex scandal that is sure to rock Baptist congregations across the U.S.  Long, who has been senior pastor at the 33,000-strong New Birth Missionary Baptist Church since 1987, is accused in two separate lawsuits of using his religious authority to coerce two males, aged 17-18 at the time, into several sexual encounters.

These scandals are always more interesting when they involve one of the most prominent homophobic figures in the country, and Bishop Eddie L. Long certainly fits that description.  The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as “one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement.”

Long has denied the charges of the lawsuits, and this seems to be headed for a very ugly legal battle.  The two young men filing the suits are 20 and 21 now, and it’s difficult to imagine how they could be lying about Long’s conduct, since it seems so difficult to even talk about.  Will Bishop Eddie Long’s scandal make him the latest in a line of anti-gay crusaders – think Larry Craig and Ted Haggard – revealed as the down-low treading hypocrites they really are?


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