Bizarre Products at CES 2013: ‘iPotty’ Merges Potty Training and iPads for Toddler Paradise

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The iPotty is attracting attention of parents with toddlers who are in the process of potty training. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas some of the most technologically advanced products are on display for consumers to check out. Well, not every product is going to have a high tech flair as sometimes a little technology goes a long way. Consider the eye raising idea of an iPad is used to help potty train for toddlers. Youngsters now have a reason to sit down and go. The contraption does look bizarre, but it gives hope to parents who are having a hard time with the potty training process.Australian Toilet

Giving the child an incentive to sit down, the iPad is firmly placed in the front as the child can play on the electronic device. While some might think this item is too strange to consider purchasing, there is already interest for the new product with the item hitting Amazon in March. While the product only is compatible with iPads, it appears the model is being considered for other electronic devices too.

For parents who are looking to take the nightmare out of potty training, the iPotty and other potty training apps are perfect ideas for the future. Potty training might not be what it was years ago, but this new process definitely does display a certain amount of creativity to get the children to do exactly what is needed to tinkle. Apparently toddlers have found a piece of paradise in this weird product and parents might have an easier time too.

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