Black Friday 2011 Deals: Xbox 360 and Apple iPads Among Top Sales Items

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The Black Friday 2011 deals are in full effect as shoppers look to get started on their wishlists. A recent report notes that Xbox 360, televisions, and even Apple products like iPad can be purchased during sales this year. This is good news for consumers looking to get these as holiday gifts for friends, family, or even themselves! Will it mean camping out early and waiting in long lines to snag that special deal though?

Apple iPad 2 TabletsSome of the Black Friday online deals at and others may be enough to keep customers from visiting stores this year. For example, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart will each be offering online specials on the Xbox 360, associated video games, and many other items ranging from jewelry to clothes to toys and electronics. Some customers may choose to avoid the long lines and early hours at stores. They may also find no matter how early they get there, it’s impossible to find the item they were looking for due to limited quantities. That’s where Amazon, complete with its specials on shipping, comes into play.

What about Apple iPad and the iPods? These are hot items, but tend to stay at a constant price with relatively few discounts from Apple. Other retailers are making their best attempts though. A report from ABC News indicates that Apple products can actually be purchased with special incentives thrown in for Black Friday deals. For example, the iPad will be marked down to $454 at Best Buy, originally $499. Also, Meijer will offer the $499 iPad, but is throwing in an $80 gift card. Other deals are offered at Target, Radio Shack and Toys ‘R’ Us on the iPods.

Apple and Microsoft are two major competitors, so they’ll be hoping for customers spending on their items. A third-party in the equation is, who sells Xbox 360 and many Apple products. One has to wonder which of these three will see the biggest surge in sales for this holiday season. Will it be Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon?

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