Black Friday 2012 Deals: Amazon Offers Smart TV & Blu-Ray Movies on Sale 11/18

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More Black Friday 2012 deals have arrived from Amazon on what will be its last day of counting down to its official week of deals. The site is offering some popular Blu-ray movies for lower prices today, as well as a highly-discounted internet-ready 40″ HDTV set. Will these deals drive more customers to shop online ahead of the actual Black Friday?

Product DetailsOne of the latest online Black Friday deals from Amazon offers shoppers the chance to get a relatively large flatscreen LED HDTV which has Wi-Fi, internet access, ability to stream content, and apps. There are multiple sets available from Samsung for under $500, some as low as $427.99, but not all will include the internet access. The set pictured here is a Smart TV which offers a range of family-friend features, including ways to track fitness, upload photos to share, and allow kids to enjoy various age-appropriate games and content. Of course, it also works as a hi-definition TV set to enjoy TV and movies on. Amazon has this set priced for at least today at just $447, which seems extremely reasonable compared to the prices of the past on sets like this.

The web retailer is also offering some impressive movies when it comes to Blu-ray. These include box office hits such as Prometheus, Titanic, and Marvel’s The Avengers, all at discounted prices. These particular films are ones that many will be adding to their collections, and that many will be buying as gifts for others. The Avengers was a box office smash full of great dialogue, special effects and action throughout. Prometheus has been receiving all sorts of praise for the fact it offered one of the better sci-fi films in recent times. Much has been said about James Cameron’s Titanic, which won the Oscar for Best Picture and has been a timeless classic. So these 3 along with many of the children’s movies the site is offering seem like smart offerings ahead of the holidays by Amazon.

Of course Amazon is still offering more deals on other electronics, video games, clothing, toys, watches, and a lot more. Many of these current deals are scheduled to end early Monday which is when the site will transition to a full week of Black Friday deals. It will be interesting to see what the site offers for this coming week in an attempt to get the best of their competitors such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

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