Black Friday 2012 Deals: Kindle Fire HD Bundles from Best Buy, Office Max & Staples

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There will be Black Friday 2012 deals for shoppers all week long, but many will trek out to stores for the official shopping day, just one day after Thanksgiving. With that in mind, there are actually some intriguing deals for the new Kindle Fire HD tablets being offered in real world, bricks and mortar retail stores. Should Amazon take the hint?

Product DetailsAccording to Buyer’s Review Source, the Kindle Black Friday deals come from stores including Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. Many of these retailers will offer the new Kindle Fire HD 7-inch models along with a coupon good for a next in-store purchase. While there isn’t necessarily a discount on the item itself, it provides for a way to purchase accessories, or other items one might need in the store. It also may increase the money a customer spends for their shopping season at that particular store.

Of note though, it seems the best place to find the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch model is at Amazon’s website. The device started shipping out early from the site a week ago, with additional units shipping in the coming weeks. It starts out at $299 for the 16GB version, and goes up above $500 depending on whether or not someone wants 4G LTE connectivity to use their tablet on the go. The tablets come Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready for various connection options between the internet and other devices.

Should Amazon maybe take a cue from these other retailers and start adding incentive to buy their tablets online? How about offering a $25 gift card for the site, or a free accessory? It may not need to. The company has already said it makes more profit from the content bought for the device, rather than actual sales of the devices. So the fact that consumers will be scooping up the devices at other stores besides online at Amazon is also a boon for business. Expect to see Amazon quite pleased with themselves after the holiday season, due to a timely release of a rather inexpensive gadget which has entertainment options galore.

Do you think the Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet money can buy, or do you still prefer the Apple iPad, or another device?

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