Black Friday 2012 Deals: Meijer Offering Kindle Fire and Xbox 360 Deal for Big Shopping Day

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The Black Friday 2012 deals are heating up with customers looking to score discounted prices on electronics, including tablets. The updated Kindle Fire device by Amazon is being offered by one major retailer with a sweet incentive on Black Friday this shopping season. Will it drive customers to pick up the non-HD device though?

Product DetailsHoliday Gift Nation reports that the Kindle Fire Black Friday deal comes from the retailer Meijer on the day after Thanksgiving. The deal is for the original Kindle Fire tablet (pictured), which has been updated by Amazon with an LCD screen and improved technical specs. The device isn’t high definition like it’s siblings are, such as the Kindle Fire HD in 7 or 8.9-inch varieties, but could make a wise gift for younger kids. It won’t be offered at a reduced price either, but will come with extra incentive to buy.

Meijer will offer that tablet for just $159, the same price as Amazon sells it for, but to sweeten the deal they are including a $25 coupon with it when purchased. That coupon is good for the customer’s next shopping trip to Meijer, and could help save money on another big ticket item, or possibly some accessories to go with that tablet. The device allows users to read ebooks, listen to music, watch movies or TV shows and browse the web, among other features.

The Meijer store is offering several other deals which will give customers coupons back with their purchase. These include the Apple iPad and Xbox 360, both of which could sell like hotcakes during the holiday shopping season. One has to wonder if retailers will entice customers to make return shopping trips by giving away those coupon deals. With items like the Kindle Fire and Apple iPad there isn’t a lot of wiggle room in terms of slashing prices right now, so it may be their best bet to get customers into the store.

Are you planning to shop at Meijer for Black Friday, or will you be going to another store? Is the Kindle Fire or another tablet on your shopping list?

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