Black Friday 2012 Deals Online: WWE 13, Halo 4, Borderlands 2 in Video Games Sale

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With Black Friday 2012 deals online, many shoppers are opting to stay home rather than rush out to stores on November 23rd. The Amazon website will offer its final day of deals for the week on Friday, as they’ll have numerous items including video games at discounted prices or exclusive deals. Among the hit titles on sale will be “Halo 4,” “WWE 13,” and “Borderlands 2″ at various times during the day.

WWE '13The Black Friday video games sale has been going on for the entire week at Amazon. However, the game titles change daily and hourly for the Lightning Deals and other featured deals. There have been Xbox and PS3 bundles, but also individual games offered for lower prices. For example, the “WWE 13″ title will be just $25 during one Lightning Deal on Friday. The game normally sells for close to $60, making this one a deal worth getting for those who have wrestling fans on their shopping lists.

“Halo 4″ is considered one of the top games for the holiday shopping season. Even though it’s only available for the Xbox 360, that hasn’t slowed down its sales power. Amazon isn’t necessarily discounting the title today, but they are giving extras with it. Their featured deal includes the game at $59.95 along with a $20 gift card and $10 Amazon Instant Video credit. That’s credit is good for watching various TV and movies through Amazon’s streaming service.

Another very popular game on sale today is “Borderlands 2.” Just like the WWE game mentioned above, it will be on sale for just $25 during a Lightning Deal on Friday. The original game, “Borderlands,” will also be selling for just $15. Gamers can get the title for Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 systems, but only for a limited time during the day.

Those are just three of the games being offered throughout Black Friday 2012 at Amazon on the final day of their week-long event. It seems they are unveiling some of the more popular titles today with “Max Payne 3,” “Call of Duty” and “Star Wars: Kinect” also listed on the schedule. It begs the question why try to fight with other customers in a Target, Walmart or Toys R Us store to try to get a deal when you can just click to add it to an online shopping cart and wait a few days to get it in the mail? Amazon’s comparable prices along with inexpensive and fast shipping make it a no brainer!

View all of the last video games on sale at for more info on upcoming discounts and specials.

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