Black Friday 2012 Sales: Amazon Xbox 360 Bundles Among Top Selling Video Game Deals

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As the countdown to Black Friday 2012 sales continue, Amazon continues its deals countdown via its website. Right now, video games continue to be a hot item for the holidays, and the web retailer has a variety of Xbox 360 bundles which rank as top sellers ahead of the holidays.

Halo 4According to Buyer’s Review Source, there are eight Xbox 360 Black Friday deals currently listed on the Amazon site, with a limited edition “Halo 4″ package taking the top spot among best selling consoles. “Halo 4″ was just recently released and had spectacular sales numbers, so it’s no surprise that this version is tops. The video game console and controllers all include a design which is inspired by and based on the game, pictured here, giving Halo fans a unique system. There’s also sound effects and bonus continue included to sweeten the deal for video game fans who want the full Halo 4 experience.

Other Xbox 360 bundles are available as well, including one that has the Kinect accessory and two video games. Kinect has been a great item for fitness fanatics with a variety of fun games ranging from dancing to yoga to cross training all on the market. This particular system ranks at #3 on Amazon’s bestselling consoles and seems like a smart gift for those looking to begin on a new workout program after the holidays.

It’s going to be an interesting race between the 3 console makers, with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all vying for spenders’ dollars. However, it seems that Xbox may be winning that race due to the fact it offers a game the others do not: Halo 4. With that sort of exclusive title, it may be driving those who really want to experience the game to pickup a deal on the console, rather than forking over similar money for another system without it.

Do you currently own the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Halo 4? Are you considering purchasing these for gifts for the holiday for someone else or yourself?

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