Black Friday 2012 Sales Include ‘Black Ops 2′ Xbox 360 Deal from Gamestop

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With Black Friday 2012 sales right around the corner, video games will certainly be a top seller in terms of holiday gifts this year, just like in past years. One retailer, Gamestop, is offering extra incentive for shoppers to buy a brand new Microsoft Xbox 360 as it will include a free copy of the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ video game.

In terms of top holiday video games that shoppers will be buying in the next month and a half, the new “Black Ops II” ranks among the top 2 or 3 games on most lists across the internet. It’s been said that the game will be battling it out with “Halo 4″ which is an exclusive Xbox 360 game. So for GameStop to offer the “Black Ops” sequel as a free bonus for new Xbox buyers, is a smart idea. In fact, it may push many who were considering getting the Xbox 360 to get one, knowing they can get this game as a free bonus.

The website reported on the deal saying that the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle is what GameStop is offering for the sale. It includes “Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V” and “Forza 4″ as games already, and sells for a total price of $249.99. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ sells at various sites for Xbox 360 for $50 to $60, making the overall package worth much more than the advertised price. Of course, for those who may already own a PS3 and the “Call of Duty” game, it might not make as much sense.

Of note, is offering a variety of their own Xbox 360 bundle deals right now, but none of these include the “Black Ops 2″ game. They have several Holiday Bundles priced at $249 to $369 which include the other games mentioned above. Other retailers such as Target and Best Buy have also advertised their own Black Friday deals on this system, with Toys R Us also offering an Xbox system deal for just $99, if the buyer also purchases Xbox live service for two years at a monthly subscription rate.

Basically, there will be no shortage of deals to be had with the Xbox 360 system, as retailers will look to sell a large number of the systems. Could this be a sign of a new console coming in the next year from Microsoft? Gaming fans might hope so, although parents and others who buy a 360 this year as a gift hope not.

Will you be purchasing an Xbox 360 as a gift this year, for yourself or someone else? Which bundle deal have you been considering?

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