Black Friday 2012: Toys R Us, Walmart & Amazon Hot Toy Lists Impact Business

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With Black Friday 2012 approaching, and already underway for some stores and websites, those hot toy lists will mean big business once again. It will be a fierce battle between Toys R Us, Walmart and Amazon, who have each put out their own lists of the top toys to get as gifts for kids each year.

Product DetailsThe LeapPad2, brand new Furby (pictured), and Eagle Talon Castle are just a few of the toys making the rounds on the latest editions of those lists. A report from indicates that last year, toy sales went well over $21 billion, with the holiday season contributing the most to those sales. Due to those huge numbers, the three retailers above continue to battle over getting customers to buy the toys they are promoting.

The Toys R Us Fabulous 15 toys list has become a very popular list each year. This year’s list has items like the Monster High High School set, Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle, and Little People toys including Disney’s Princesses. While some may believe the list is totally made by Toys R Us expert staff just pouring over which toys are best, some of the top manufacturers in the toy industry, including Mattel, actually submit their specific toys they would want to see included on the lists. It’s even noted by one VP from Mattel that this is part of their annual marketing plans.

However, it’s also noted by that same VP, that just getting on a list, and getting people buzzing about your toy is the main thing. As for the decision to buy, it comes down to the kids and their parents. Parents have the tough task of choosing to buy what their kids are asking for, or what’s on those hot toy lists. Grandparents tend to just go by the lists, while parents are being pressured by kids, who are pressured by the ads they see on TV or elsewhere. So it would seem the most important way to get kids asking for your toys is to just make sure they are being shown off to them as much as possible.

Still, the various toy lists and rankings seem to provide some help to those who may need it, in terms of finding age-appropriate toys that fit their budgets. It seems the toys are getting more expensive each year, and in some cases harder to find. Just as an example, the Furby in specific colors sells for as much as $74 on website, due to the fact it’s become a rarity in stores. With that in mind, it may be smarter to just get the item your kids are asking for, rather than paying extra. That is, unless they asked for a purple Furby this year.

Do you rely on the hot toy lists when buying gifts for children, their own wishlists, or just get what you think are the best gifts for them?

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