Black Friday Campout at Texas’ Best Buy Store

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Are you ready for the Black Friday deals? One Texas family is already camped out in front of a Best Buy store! Sunday, November 20, 2011, Windy Lawrence set up a tent in front of a Dallas-area Best Buy in the community of Mesquite. The woman plans to camp out at the electronics store a whopping six days.

Why would this woman, her mother, and her daughter attempt to camp out for six days for a sale? Sounds crazy, right? Lawrence told Fox News “Last year we came and didn’t get anything we wanted. So we decided to come early this year so we can be sure to be the first ones to get in the door.”

What does she want on Black Friday that’s worst sleeping in a tent for? A $199 47-inch TV. Think about it though, how much money could this woman make working a job for six days, sleeping in a warm bed at night, and living a normal life? More than enough to pay the price difference on the television. It’s not worth a week in a tent for a $199 TV, that’s crazy!

It’s cold in north Texas, currently in the 40s and 50s around the area. Lawrence told Fox 4 News she has food, water, a heater, and sleeping bags. Best Buy says they expect other campers soon. Other Best Buy deals include an Xbox 360 and a laptop for $199.

What do you think? Is a cheap TV worth 6 days in a tent? Has this Black Friday shopper lost her marbles? Will you be camping out for a deal this year? Please explain how this could ever be worth it.

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